15 May 2011

Charles II

4x5in. Large Format Positive
Lambda print, 197x125cm
Ed. 5+1


4x5in. Large Format Positive
Inkjet print, 197x150cm
Ed. 5+1

Charles II and Victoria - Installation work

27 July 2010

Family Dinner - Video Installation

Tri-dimensional video projected on a sculpture 85x97x65cm.
Front view

Back view

23 June 2010

A quote from Jacques Ranciere

'[...] Even now, in spite of the so-called postmodern scepticism about changing life, we can see so many shows turned to religious mysteries that it might not seem outrageous to hear that words are only words. Breaking away with the phantasms of the Word made flesh and the spectator turned active, knowing that words are only words and spectacles only spectacles may help us better understand how words, stories and performances can help us change something in the world where we are living.'
Jacques Ranciere: The Emancipated Spectator - Video and
Text - 2009.

22 June 2010

Joseph Beuys - "How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare" (performance, 1965)

"The idea of explaining to an animal conveys a sense of the secrecy of the world and of existence that appeals to the imagination. Then, as I said, even a dead animal preserves more powers of intuition than some human beings with their stubborn rationality. “The problem lies in the word ‘understanding’ and its many levels which cannot be restricted to rational analysis. Imagination, inspiration, and longing all lead people to sense that these other levels also play a part in understanding". Joseph Beuys

11 June 2010

The spirit of the age, Lewis B.

'At certain point in art history, art lapses into decadence. "grand styles" become formulated as set of rules. There is exageration and multiplication instead of development. A once-new armory of artistic concepts, processes, techniques and themes becomes an archive of visual tropes, quotations or paraphrasing, ultimately assuming the mode of self-parody. [...] During the last ten years, I believe we have witnessed the same process not just for conceptualism [...] but for the entire modernist period [...] Let's call it "decamodernism"'

Lewis B., Into the Dustbin, Programma, Tel-Aviv, Spring 2010, p116.

19 May 2010

Magen David

Still from the performance 'Magen David' made in Halalit Gallery during the Tel-aviv performance festival 'Oz in the city' - 2010
Performance lasted 1 hour 30 min.

Lambda print, 50x50cm

05 April 2010

Body as a platform

In the following works, I built sets that use my body as a platform. I position myself in a space and create a set that may resemble a painting. My works are usually made so that there perspective rules are valid from a specific view point in space. Away from this point, the image is deformed. For example, "Self Portrait in a Pool" was done as a trompe l'oeil, another example is seen in the photograph series "red" where the bed was constructed in such a way that the legs disappear when looked from a specific angle.

The main focus of my work is on the disappearance of the third dimension after a photograph is taken. I attempt to build sets that take into account this disappearance, not in order to give back the illusion of the third dimension, but to manipulate it, transform or deliberately annihilate it.

05 March 2010


6x7 Mid-format and digital pictures from the perfomance: Red.
Painting and video projection and walls and body.

Lambda print, 90x150cm

Video of the performance. Original is in HD format. During the performance I remained still on the metal bed while the video projected sun was rising and falling.

03 August 2009

Swimming Pool

6*7 Mid-Format Negative
Lambda print, 90x115cm
Acrylic on Body and Walls

Swimming-pool Performance

Video Art made after a three hours performance. during which I painted on the walls and on myself. 8min video of the 3 hour performance which took place in Beit Berl, Israel:

Digital Prints


6x7 Mid Format Photography
Lambad print, 84x60cm

Acrylic on Body

Video Art of the living Painting (Tableau Vivant)
Video Art made after a one hour performance. during which I painted on myself to try ressemble a self-portrait I made of myself six months before.

02 August 2009


Video made out of stills taken in Paris in summertime.

This video took part in the CineForte6 cinamatheque festival, Tel-Aviv. It has also been presented in a TV broadcast dedicated to art, on channel 1 (zman avir - 18-05-09).